Professional Sound Stages

Conveniently located in San Diego County near the 78 freeway in Vista, Ca.

STAGE 1 & BACKLOT  “The Barn”

52' x 42' sound stage

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 Mar Vista Located 3 mile from The Film Hub nestled in the Hills of Vista

This 3,500sq.ft. Studio includes Sound Stage 1 “The BARN” (2,000 sq ft), featuring a large maintained green cyclorama, 980Sq ft talent lounge, & interior set.

The stage is surrounded by our 5-acre backlot which includes a vineyard, pool, deck, outdoor stage and performance area, a gazebo and ceremony area, country setting, bamboo backdrop or grassy landscape.


    • 52′ x42′ Soundstage
    • Pre-lit two wall Green Screen Cyclorama 30’W x 36’D x 15’H
    • Pre-lit one wall White Screen Cyclorama: 22’W x 20’D x 15’ H
    • 25’ Interior set with staircase (opposite side of stage)
    • Lighting Grid 38’L x 28’W x17′H floor to grid (clear height 15’) Grid pattern 6’x6’
    • Drive in access -Loading Door 12.5’W x14’H
    • Power: 400 amps (300am distro box on floor with min. 40am in Grid)
    • 3 Makeup and Hair Stations in downstairs talent wing
    • Green Room (Talent Lounge)
    • Kitchenette: Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Maker
    • Wardrobe Room: Hanging racks, steamer, iron and board
    • Stage balcony with producers lounge and control room/office
    • Basic Grip package (C-stands, apple boxes, sand bags, flags, scrims, reflectors, wedges)
    • 9 tons Quiet Air Conditioning- $15 an hour
    • Wifi
    • Private 5 acre backlot including: vineyard, pool, outdoor stage and performance area, gazebo, country setting, bamboo backdrop or grassy landscape.


50' x 27' sound stage

Located in The Film Hub

This soundproof stage features a three wall cyclorama a built in 25’ curved platform skirted with LED rope lighting and a Foley stage with adjacent control room.


Inspired Images studios set build, flat rentals and stage fabrication.


  • Pre-lit three wall white Cyclorama: 15’W x 27’D x 15’ H (24” curve)
  • Built in raised curved platform and 25”W x14’D 1’H
  • 6 Foley pits and control room
  • 6 tons Quiet Air Conditioning
  • Lighting Grid -pattern 6’x6’
  • Load in auxiliary space
  • Power: 300 amps,
  • Studio Kitchenette
  • Makeup & Hair/Green Room: including, lounge area, wardrobe rack and hair washing sink.
  • balcany catwalk
  • Basic Grip package (C-stands, apple boxes, stingers and sand bags.)
  • Fiber Internet/Wifi

STAGE 3 “The Cafe”

60' x 35' space

Located in The Film Hub

This stage features standing sets which include a café setting, fully functional set kitchen with lighting grid, 40 ft exterior building façade backdrop with adjustable daylight solar tubes. Can be used for events, video and photo shoots. This space is available weekends and after coworking hours.  Capacity of 150


  • Four 8’L tables,10 café tables and chairs along with bar seating.
  • Fully functional set kitchen: 10’2”L x 6’4”W curved island with white quarts countertop and gas cooktop. Including, open shelves, gas oven, microwave, 30 Cubic ft. Refrigerator, & dishwasher.
  • 2 lighting grids
  • Solar tubes (dimmable natural light)
  • 2 roll up bar height glass garage doors
  • 700 Sq. ft. exterior building facade including built in industrial stairs case
  • WIFI

STAGE 4 – Audio Recording Booth

11' x 12' space

Located in The Film Hub

Located in The Film Hub, this beautiful stage features a soundproof audio ISO booth for Podcast, talk shows, voice recording or ADR work. The stage was designed with branding and backround sets in mind that double as doubles as sound panel diffusers and absorbers.  Just plug in your computer to the mixer and open garage ban or Audacity program for recording.  The booth has windows into a control room which can be added on as a rental if you want to use our computer software for recording & ADR work. Casting calls, small screenings, and conferences can also be held in this space.


50” Smart Tv with color changing backlighting for custom color branding.

4 Channel Rode Caster Mixer

4 Professional Shock Mounted Rode Microphones with studio arms.  Flexible 2 table mount positions for camera angles

4 headphones

Fiber Ethernet access for live streaming

STAGE 5 – The Lobby

Reception and atruim

Located in The Film Hub

This space includes a luxury lobby, standing sets, atrium and reception area. Uses: Video and photo shoot and events.


  • Reception Desk
  • Lobby seating
  • Living walls
  • Exterior facades down hall with solar tube nature light controls
  • 40’ Skylight with LED lights


11' x 13' space

Located in The Film Hub

This soundproof control room can be used with Stage 2 and Stage 4, featuring windows into both spaces. With Stage 4 it can be used for Voice overs, and ADR. With Stage 2 it can be used for Foley or music recording and engineering live events. Stand alone uses: video editing, color correction, audio mixing, reviewing daily’s and client presentations.

Opening -OCTOBER 2019


  • 11′ x 13′ space
  • Full Adobe Creative System on Mac Pro
  • Viewing monitor
  • Bose surround sound system
  •  Mackie 14 channel mixer
  • Seating for clients
  • Fiber internet


From the Professionals

Rob Burns (Video Telepathy)

I can’t begin to share how amazing our experience with the Inspired Images team was! Every step of the way was a pleasure to work with such a talented group of professionals. Lauren anticipated our every need and the entire Inspired Images team delivered so much more than we expected. The fact we did not have to go to LA  for a large sound-stage was Icing on the cake!

Scott Leslie

Inspired Images Studio is a great San Diego alternative to larger LA sound stages. I had the pleasure of DP’ing an infomercial shoot for Waldorf Crawford at Inspired Images and it went off without a hitch. The shoot was on the larger side with over 20 crewmembers plus talent and clients, so we were concerned with how Inspired Images could accommodate us. Well I was really impressed! They really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of.

Not only did we rent the stage, we also utilized their very talented art director, Lauren Fehlhaber and construction lead man Woody Woodburn. Lauren first worked up creative set plans which Woody expertly executed. There was a huge cost saving for us to have Art and the stage at the same location.

We’ll definitely come back!


Delfin Spa

This was such a great location, the Inspired Images Team went above and beyond for our little crew. The prices are AMAZING for what you get. Beautiful studio space, beautiful outdoor space and I can not express enough how great the team was. We look forward to our next shoot at their location.

Evette (Gemini Pictures)

Lauren, Jim, Ryan, and Woody were the best. I had the refreshing pleasure to work with them and their studio on a feature film we were working on. They were affordable, very responsive, and offers a wide-range of services. The Studio is ideal for sound and private. They are all very professional, lots of fun to work with and very knowledgeable about filming needs. I highly recommend them. Do not go anywhere without looking int Inspired Images Company first! You won’t regret it.

Ryan Binse (Fast Glass Film)

Inspired images was a pleasure to work with. There is no other studio in the area I prefer to do business with. Their professionalism and service is beyond reproach.


Brian C.

Jim and his team have put together a first rate facility – which is every bit as good, if not better, than similar facilities found in Hollywood.

Bruce Radder

I’ve found they deliver as agreed or better. I heartily recommend this firm.

David Weekley

My experiences with Inspired Images has been fantastic. They are incredibly professional with the highest quality standards. They have one of the largest and best equipped studios in the San Diego area. It is a diamond in the rough! I highly recommend this imaginative and inspirational group of media production specialists.

Brian Hogan (Popvinyl)

Thanks for all your help and hard work, no one else in Southern California could have delivered the product you have given us.

Marie Marlin

Ben and I feel so fortunate to have found Inspired Images.  It was really divine intervention because I didn’t really know what I was looking for exactly when I was checking out production companies on the web.  And indeed you were just right.  You have all been very generous with your time, talent and efforts.  Thank you again for your hard work in getting the set ready, in answering our unending questions and in all you did on the actual shoot day.


Mill Shop

Our mill shop is overseen by a 20-year veteran from Paramount Studio’s who built sets and props for major motion pictures. We have an in-house art department including a art director/set designer, construction lead man, and carpenters that can develop the set you envision.  We also offer flats, set piece and floor rentals.

VIP talent Trailer

Talent trailer

There is a private 26′ trailer on site. It comes equipped with a private bathroom, queen sized bed, kitchenette, refrigerator, and plenty of lounge space. It can be used for VIP talent or as an additional production office.  The trailer can be stocked by request.

Golf Cart and Gear Trailer

A golf cart and gear trailer is available to move equipment around the studio’s backlot.



Renter shall provide payment in full for all reservations in US funds. Renter’s booking will not be confirmed until 50% of payment is received and cleared. The remaining 50% of payment is due at beginning of day, on the 1st day of the stage rental.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation’s of confirmed bookings will result in the following charges:

Cancellation before 48 hours: 15% will be retained on the agreed cost of a confirmed booking that is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the booking date and time. Undelivered prepaid equipment rental fees, cleaning and damage deposits will be fully refunded.

24 to 48 hours: 25% will be retained on the agreed cost of a confirmed booking. Undelivered prepaid equipment rental fees, cleaning and damage deposits will be fully refunded.

Less than 24 hours : 50% will be retained on the agreed cost of a confirmed booking.   Undelivered prepaid equipment rental fees, cleaning and damage deposits will be fully refunded

Additional Insurance

We require proof of liability insurance with property owners additionally insured If you do not have insurance please contact us as we may be able to help you with a solution.


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