We are Inspired Images Studios, the new Entertainment Hub for San Diego County.

Our Mission

We provide co-working space, soundstages, sets, and production assistance to the Film and TV industry.

Our alliance with other filmmakers and the help from the San Diego North Economic Development Council has set the stage to develop all of the necessary resources to produce independent film and TV projects in San Diego. As of April, 2017 the new Film Commission for North San Diego was launched, the Film commission and the Film Initiative will provide incentives and programs to attract filmmakers to the area.

Inspired Images Studios Entertainment Hub will provide co-working space for the industry and will be the home of the New Film Commission.

Our Goal: Develop San Diego’s North County as a World Leader in Independent Film & Television Production.

What We Believe

Starting in the US Virgin Islands over 30 years ago, Inspired Images Studios has always had a passion to see films produced that will change peoples lives….. Forever.

We believe that people have been created with unlimited potential, and that you as an artist can be the visionaries of our time. We believe an Inspired Artist is a genius.

If you’re a writer, producer, artist or just a dreamer, Inspired Images Studios and co-work space provides the atmosphere needed to inspire your imagination.